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Problems with Android Oreo backup/restore process : temporary fix

Android Oreo has recently been released an is been ported for few devices. I’ll be writing an article soon on “How you backup not only the apps but the whole Android ” so that while flashing your phone, or for some reason if your phone goes off, if in case it gets soft broken, you an restore it as is.

But here’s the thing with such Backup and Restore in Android Oreo. If you backup Android Oreo ROM that has fingerprint or pin or password set for lock-screen ( Everyone’s phone has one of these now a days) using one of the recoveries like TWRP and CWM, It’s probably not gonna get restored and you won’t be able to unlock your device after restore which makes it completely unusable.

So how do you solve it ?
Here’s the steps for this.
Note: Your phone needs to be rooted in order for this trick to work.

  • After you restore your phhone, boot it to recovery and go to file manager.
  • For TWRP recovery, its here: Advanced -> File Manager
  • Go to path /data/system/ and find a database file called ”locksettings.db”.
  • Its the file which has all the info about your fingerprints and lock-screen patterns etc.
  • Select this file and delete it.
  • Reboot device.
  • Done! your phone won’t even remember that it had any lock-screen pattern set before. IT will simply unlock directly.
  • Setup new patter/pin/fingerprint as per your choice and enjoy !

Let me know your difficulties and FAQ in the comment section below. Feel free to mail me your detailed problems at mjadhav570@gmail.com or you can start discussing at FAQ section “FAQ“.

Have a good day :-). Peace !!!

How to backup android partitions using TWRP/CWM

First of all , let’s talk little about recovery…you should know that.

Have you ever observed your phones storage? If it’s 64 GB storage, usable memory you get isn’t that much. Its usually about 52,55 GB. Where does the other space go?

Its used by Android system by itself . The whole compiled code of android system installed in your phone is kept there. It isn’t kept directly as is into it but there are some partitions made and specific code is placed in specific partition.

One of those partitions is recovery partitions. Its usually responsible for flashing your phone, resetting it, erasing other partitions etc a piece of code which wakes up recovery partition during phones restart and helps to perform all operations/responsibilities of recovery partitions is called “recovery”.

TWRP(Team Win Recovery Project) and CWM(Clock Work Mod)  are both examples of those piece of code..


So as you know little about recoveries, let’s now go ahead and see how do you backup and restore using TWRP and CWM.

Note: installing TWRP/CWM requires that your phones bootloader is unlocked. Follow article “How to unlock bootloader of your mobile device” for unlocking it.

How to back up android partitions using TWRP/CWM:

  • As every device model as different hardware, their partitions structure is also different. Thus, recoveries for every phone model are unique. Download one specific for your phone model. Search for “TWRP for <device model name>” or “CWM for <device model name>” and download the recovery.
  • Download ADB-FASTBOOT drivers from here. Install them on your PC.
  • Go to Settings –> Developer options  on your android. If you don’t see developer options then go to About phone and click on Build number 7 times. Come back to settings, you should have it now.
  • Turn on “Android debugging” or “USB debugging” option.
  • Connect your phone to PC and execute commands below:
  • adb reboot bootloader
  • On successful execution, your phone should automatically go off and start again into bootloader mode. You are ready now to execute next command.
  • fastboot flash recovery <path to downloaded recovery>
  • Now here you might encounter error saying that fastboot is not recognized. In that case, Download ADB-FASTBOOT from here, extract it, go into the extracted folder, keep shift pressed and right click. Select “Open command window here” and execute above command into it. It should work now.
  • There might be another error where the command prompt keeps waiting for device saying <waiting for device> message. But this is something specific to device. So let me know in case you have such error.
  • On successful execution of above command, execute below command.
  • adb reboot recovery
  • Your phone should boot into recovery that you just installed. either TWRP or CWM.
  • Awesome. Now check out snaps above and refer them for procedure of backing up android partitions.
  • If you are on TWRP, directly select back up option, select partitions to back up on next screen and swipe the slider at bottom to start backing up. This procedure creates TWRP/backup folder in root directory of your device internal storage.
  • If you are on CWM or Philz recovery, select “back up and restore” option, select partitions. It should start backing up partitions. This procedure creates CWM/backup folder in the root directory of your device internal storage.
  • That’s it, you did it !!!

Let me know your difficulties and FAQ in the comment section below. Feel free to mail me your detailed problems at mjadhav570@gmail.com or you can start discussing at FAQ section “FAQ“.

Have a good day :-). Peace !!!


Welcome Back …


We are so happy to see you back here again. WE are setting up “My Android Page” and will be back with whole redesigned experience, lot of exciting articles and more fun ..

Thank you so much for being a part of My Android Page community…

– Mukesh