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How to unlock bootloader of your mobile device


Let’s see bootloader concept quickly first. You should know that…

When you turn ON your mobile device, it can’t directly start loading android system. It needs to be woken up step by step. E.g. First it checks if the device hardware is working fine or not, then starts loading something called as kernel etc etc.

So one the section in this waking up process is “Bootloader”. There are other sections, partitions too such as Recovery, Data, System etc.

These bootloaders now a days, for security reasons, come locked by OEM so that they can’t be modified without permission. and thats wat we need to unlock in order to allow us to install recovery into our phone or to install custom ROM.

There are few tings you need to consider before  you think of Unlocking bootloader.

  • Unlocking bootloader of your phone might void your device warranty. Check out OEM terms and conditions.
  • Unlocking bootloader isn’t illegal but you might void your warranty.
  • Unlocking bootloader is completely safe.

With that said, let’s go with the steps to unlock bootloader of any android device.

How to unlock bootloader of Any locked device:

  • Search for “Unlock bootloader <OEM name>” , select first result. I mean one which is published by OEM.
  • Go to Settings –> Developer options  on your android. If you don’t see developer options then go to About phone and click on Build number 7 times. Come back to settings, you should have it now.
  • Turn on “Android debugging” or “USB debugging” option.
  • Download ADB-FASTBOOT drivers from here.
  • Connect your phone to PC and execute commands given on the webpage you opened in step 1
  • As per the method, you should get an email with unlock code. Use further instructions on same webpage and unlock the bootloader.

Now I understand that I took this pretty straight forward but unlocking bootloader is little different for different OEMS. So can’t publish the universal method.

Let me know your difficulties and FAQ in the comment section below. Feel free to mail me your detailed problems at mjadhav570@gmail.com or you can start discussing at FAQ section “FAQ“.

Have a good day :-). Peace !!!


How to restore exact same copy of your mobile device to another


So here we go.

Most obvious thing, you need to take backup of your phone first in order to restore it onto another.

Usual backup apps doesn’t take the real backup. They just backup apps. They don’t keep any app specific data such as your game score, your app settings etc. And that’s the catch. Let’s see how do you backup apps with data so that you won’t need to worry about setting the device again and that headache of installing the apps again.

Backup Android apps with Data: 

Here are the steps :

  • Unlock your phone: Lot of the phones now a days are factory locked. Search for “Unlock bootloder <your device model name>” and open the link that comes from OEM only. Follow steps at “How to unlock bootloader of your mobile device” to unlock the bootloader of your phone.
  • Install custom recovery such as twrp or cwm : Download and install one of these recovery files for your phone. Search for “Twrp/CWM for <your device model name> XDA” and download the file. Let me know in the comment section in case you can’t find recovery file for your device. Read article What is android recovery twrp/cwm to know more.
  • Backup using recovery options : Boot your phone to recovery and backup partitions called “data, cache, dalvik, system“. Don’t get confused. Read article “How to backup partitions using TWRP/CWM“, you will get to know what I am talking about.

Now as the backup is complete, go to TWRP/CWM respective folder using any file manager app and find a folder called backup there and transfer the whole to the new device that you wanna restore. This backup is useful in case you reset your device. You can restore it as it is without worrying about downloading apps again and without worrying about setting the whole stuff again.

To restore this backup into another device, make sure that the phone model is same, backup taken on one device absolutely won’t work on other. Don’t even try it, it will brick your device and it won’t ever wake up. Use article How to restore backups using custom recoveries in android .

So once you copy backup to new device, follow same above steps, unlock your target device, install same custom recovery, and restore using recovery options.

Cool! you are done. Restart your phone and that’s it.. Your target device get restored exactly same as the source one. You can use the same method one the source device too. In case you reset your phone, you can restore the same backup again on the same device to restore it back to the previous state.

Let me know your difficulties and FAQ in the comment section below. Feel free to mail me your detailed problems at mjadhav570@gmail.com or you can start discussing at FAQ section “FAQ“.

Have a good day :-). Peace !!!