Problems with Android Oreo backup/restore process : temporary fix

Android Oreo has recently been released an is been ported for few devices. I’ll be writing an article soon on “How you backup not only the apps but the whole Android ” so that while flashing your phone, or for some reason if your phone goes off, if in case it gets soft broken, you an restore it as is.

But here’s the thing with such Backup and Restore in Android Oreo. If you backup Android Oreo ROM that has fingerprint or pin or password set for lock-screen ( Everyone’s phone has one of these now a days) using one of the recoveries like TWRP and CWM, It’s probably not gonna get restored and you won’t be able to unlock your device after restore which makes it completely unusable.

So how do you solve it ?
Here’s the steps for this.
Note: Your phone needs to be rooted in order for this trick to work.

  • After you restore your phhone, boot it to recovery and go to file manager.
  • For TWRP recovery, its here: Advanced -> File Manager
  • Go to path /data/system/ and find a database file called ”locksettings.db”.
  • Its the file which has all the info about your fingerprints and lock-screen patterns etc.
  • Select this file and delete it.
  • Reboot device.
  • Done! your phone won’t even remember that it had any lock-screen pattern set before. IT will simply unlock directly.
  • Setup new patter/pin/fingerprint as per your choice and enjoy !

Let me know your difficulties and FAQ in the comment section below. Feel free to mail me your detailed problems at or you can start discussing at FAQ section “FAQ“.

Have a good day :-). Peace !!!

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