Android users! Be aware of screen burn in issue observed on few of the devices…

Did you remember those days where we had those CRT monitors in which picture used to get displayed with continuously emitting rays onto the display? Crazy technologies no?

Now recently few of the smartphones are exhibiting screen burn in issue. CRT and recent AMOLED display technologies are totally different technologies but screen burn in issue is been seen on both kind of displays.

Basically few things on our mobile display like navigation bar, status bar, Always ON display, wallpaper for that matter…these things are always there on the display, Display pixels(LED’s) in those portion of the screen are always been powered ON and OFF in order to display the stuff.

This continuous burden of displaying same stuff again and again causes some display pixels to retain the previous data for long time. This results in retention of information over the display for long time.

Now note here down that although this thing is called “Screen burn in” issue, there no actual burning over screen or any part of the screen. Its called so because the pixels exhibiting this behavior look like burnt in.

Here is one of the screens with this issue.

This doesn’t even happen instantly but on few models, it’s seen to happen after few months of usage. On the other hand this issue might be a serious issue if you don’t have first aid for it .

Well how to prevent your screen from this effect?

How to prevent your screen from Screen Burn in issue ?

Here are general tips . Basically preventing screen burn has to do with preventing same pixels begin lit up again and again.

  • Turn OFF few features such as Always ON display which kind of show the clock on center of screen. Few custom ROMS provide moving clock which basically moves the whole clock pixels few pixels apart so that same pixels won’t get lit up continuously.
  • Another suggestion could be to change your wallpaper regularly. It makes your phone look awesome and prevents from screen burn in too.
  • Don’t power display at 100% brightness . Less brightness means less current flowing through those LEDS.
  • Darker colors for wallpapers, display elements, themes might help.

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